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About Us

About Us

KABMAK (established in 2005) has accomplished many projects for the great sector companies of cable, wire and pipe production in Turkey and 45 different countries all over the world.

With our well experienced  160 employees, including 18 engineers and totally 15000 m² closed workshop in our two production plant;  after big improvement in a short time, KABMAK become one of the most important machinary producers in the world by the means of the wide production range.


As Kabmak is a project company,our engineers continiously develop our products and try to find the best solution way  according to customer needs.

Kabmak establishes turn-key factories for their customers.

Being an engineering company and taking advantage of 30 years experiance in both national and international markets, KABMAK is now on its way to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of machinery for the cable, wire and pipe production industries.

Kabmak Entrance
KABMAK - Extruder E-150-24D
KABMAK - Sheating And Extrusion Line E120
KABMAK - Double Spooler Take-Up DS-1000
KABMAK - Horizontal Accumulator AHM-1600-60
KABMAK - Skip Strander Line SS-4-1250